Saturday, 30 November 2013

School for Scandal


School for Scandal, an 18th C play written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan has been revitalised by the Warwick drama group. Now set in present day New York, the play brings all the fun from the play into a Gossip Girl-esque play, equipped with preppy uniforms, status headbands and many a sarcastic comment. 

The play is a comedy, exploring the various relationships and deals between the characters to weave a story full of misunderstandings and schemes gone awry. It also teaches of how appearances can be most misleading. 

The script seemed to me to be predominately as written, the clash of centuries very obvious, however I feel that this added to the charm of the piece. It was a very refreshing and fun play to watch eliciting more than a few laughs from the audience! 

The cast were perfect on every front for each of the roles and it was great to see such a wide variety of characters played. 

The play was put on as part of a new scheme at Warwick University, with each of the plays in this project being given £25 and three weeks to put on a performance. I think that everyone involved, from cast to crew, did amazingly well, and for that to have come from a mere three weeks of work is simply amazing! 

As per usual, well done to director Olivia (Cole), and producer Emily Nabney! I cannot wait to see the next performance, whatever that may be! 

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