Thursday, 27 June 2013

Summer Baking!~

[Home made cookies!]

Hello there again! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I'm still getting used to blogging. :)
So as you may or may not know, it is officially British Summer Time in England and, as a way to celebrate my favourite season, my friend and I decided to bake some cookies!

Now ordinarily, baking cookies would not be such a huge deal, but seeing as the last time I attempted to make cookies turned out to be more than a disaster, we decided to make a whole day of it. 

The recipe was fairly simply. Ingredients shown below:

It was very very fun and I enjoyed the experience very much! :D The cookies were very quick and simple to make and although my main job was cutting chocolate into chip sized chunks, I still feel very proud of the cookies we made. :)


Hallo liebe Leute! Entschuldigung, dass ich so spat bin, ich bin jetzt sehr beschaftig! 
Also, im moment, ist es Sommer und, um mein Lieblingssaison zu feiern!

Normalerweise, ist kuchen nicht zu schwer, aber für mich, ist es ganz schwer!

Die Rezept war ganz einfach und es macht viel spass! Die kuchen war einfach und schnell zu machen, und, obwohl meistens ich nur die Schokolade schnitten hatte, fühle ich mir noch Stolz. :)

Also, jetzt, bin ich fertig und so tschuss!

[For learning how to make the cookies yourself, just follow this link! :) Bake your own cookies!]
[Um dieses Kuchen zu machen, geh hier! :) Kuchen!


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