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[Promo Shot - Lucy]

Why hello there my happy reader and welcome to Pollzable~ 

As you may or may not know, as of last summer (2012), my friends and I started up an amateur production group where we pool our talents, ideas and time into one big pot, also known as Team Awesome. We started by just making a short Youtube series entitled 'The Loser Crew' (link on Youtube below) before starting a fun side dramatic re-enactment of Tara Gilesbie's 'My Immortal' (again, link can also be found below). This summer however, we decided once and for al that we wanted to step up our game a little and so, for the first time ever, Team Awesome is proud to present the short film - 'Corridor'.

Written by the wonderful Olivia Cole, 'Corridor' is a film about a young girl, Lucy, who, at the beginning of the film is already presented as injured. As she makes her way down the school corridor (as seen in the photo above) she starts to reminisce about moments in her life and ponder on what 'it all means'. Through these memories, you get to see pieces of her life and her personality until the climax at the end. 

Filming overall lasted roughly the duration of a week, which, for a 14 minute production is actually not too bad! As our first short film, I feel the experience really made us grow as film makers and to see the idea grow from an initial script which I read first during a lecture, to going on set and filming to watching the rough cut, it was truly fantastic. 

In this particular project, I played the role of Lucy. Having only really experienced stage acting and usually in a non naturalistic, very physical style before, it is suffice to say that, for me, screen acting is something that I not only find more difficult, but feel that I have a lot of room to improve. However, on whole, I believe that I did at least a reasonable job of the role, my main aim to make the character as naturalistic and as relate-able as possible during the memory scenes so the audience can better understand her and the message she has to give. I have discovered, however, that I find it rather difficult to act like I am dying in a convincing manner. ^^;

Overall, I am very proud of the work that we have all done in this project and am so very grateful to Olivia Cole for entrusting this role to me. I hope that I did the role justice!!

The film is currently still in the stages of editing, with music being written as we speak by the amazingly talented Mr A Godfrey, and will hopefully be finished by end of September latest for submission to film festivals for the upcoming year or so. Needless to say, I am practically simmering with excitement to see the final cut!

It's been a great experience and I just wanted to say a final well done and final THANK YOU to everyone involved with the project and I can't wait to work on the next one with you all!

The film should be viewable at some point in the future. Link will be posted here.

In the mean time however, feel free to browse:
- The Loser Crew
- My Immortal    

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon! :)


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