Monday, 19 August 2013

My Nerves, My Poor Nerves!!~

[My friend and I at Regents Park!]

So, this is a month out of date, BUT on the plus side, my last post wasn't too long ago so not too bad? 

Well in any case, this is a blog about the showing of Pride and Prejudice in the Open Air Theatre, Regents Park, London. 

And all I can say is that it was totally amazing! Truly, a brilliant experience! From beautiful weather, creating the perfect summer atmosphere to the timeless story, it was truly an evening of one perfection after another! 

The actors were truly brilliant and you could really tell that everyone enjoyed their role and the story that they were portraying! And what's more, the audience seemed to adore it! 

Of course my favourite rendition of Pride and Prejudice shall always be the BBC series (1995), with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle because, come one, Coline Firth coming out of the lake is possibly one of my 'squeal moment' of all time, however Jennifer Kirby and David Oakes do a pretty good job, considering the humongous pressure on them!

Overall I thought the cast did a great job of portraying this classic in such a difficult environment, my favourite actor by far however was definitely Jane Asher, who played Lady Catherine de Bourgh. It was truly an honour to see her live in such a wonderful role! It was a perfect summer evening in London :)

Okay, till next time!

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