Monday, 28 October 2013

Night of Neon!!

[MIPP Actors]

Good day there my fellow people! I hope the winter storms aren't taking too much of a toll on you!

So this is the end to a fairly hectic two weeks, to say the least! A few nights ago (26/10/2013) I was involved in a piece of Street Performance for the Night of Neon with the absolutely wonderfully talented MIPP theatre group. 

The Night of Neon is a fun walk which raises money for the Christie Charity and BBC Radio Manchester. It takes place in Salford, starting at The Lowry in Media City and is a staggering 10km! For more information on how to get involved, please follow THIS LINK to the Christie Website :)

Unfortunately that evening, Manchester was practically submerged by huge amounts of rain for a large proportion of the evening. Despite my initial worry that the rain would disrupt the event, I was very mistaken as a substantial amount of people managed to make it, with so much energy and enthusiasm that the rain was almost forgotten. 

Dressed head to toe in luminous neon clothing, armed with nothing but a jacket, we all set off to our set positions at 7:20 in order to meet and greet the walkers as they passed certain check points. Our job? To entertain the crowd as much as possible and help keep motivation levels high and enthusiasm soaring.

Due to the interactive aspect of the performance, I managed to get to speak to quite a few of the runners and I was absolutely overwhelmed with the positive attitudes of all the walkers and their eagerness to not let anything get in their way! In fact, numerous people had told me that this was not their first experience at the Night of Neon and nor will it be their last!!

My character group was called 'The 80s Girls' and, as the costume and title suggests, involved a dance routine, choreographed by my ever-so talented partner Tempemy, which we performed to the walkers as they ran by, accompanied by our mild screeching rendition of 'Girls just wanna have fun', by Cyndi Lauper. The crowd seemed to enjoy our free high fives and terrible american accents and were even more open and responsive than I could possibly have asked for as a performance. 

This opportunity was truly an honour to be a part of, and pleasure to do! Hopefully I shall be able to get involved in more cool projects like these in the near future!

Until then~

Liebe Leute! Hallo! Ich wunsche dir alle schönes Wetter! 

Also, die letzten zwei Wochen war mich total beschäftig, deswegen ist dieses Post ganz spät! Ich entschuldigen mich! 
Am Samstag den 26sten Oktober, war ich mit MIPP (ein neues Manchester Theater gruppe) für die 'Night of Neon' schauspielen. 

Die sogennante 'Night of Neon' ist eine Wandern, die für Charity ist. Es liegt im Salford, beginnt bei 'The Lowry' und dauert für ungefahr 10km! Wenn Sie mehr informationen möchten, gehen Sie zu DIESEM WEBSEITE

Leider, hat Manchester viel geregnet, deswegen hätte ich geglaubt, dass meistens drinnen bleiben würden. Jedoch war ich total falsch! Viele Leute haben gekommen und meistens war so begeistert, dass die Regnet einfach vergessen war!

Wir trägten uns alle leuchtende Kleidungen und am 7:20, gah alle die Schauspielern zum solche Platze, um die Wanderer zu unterhalten und ermutigen. 

Weil dieses Spiel ganz interaktiv war, hätte ich die Gelegenheit mit vielen Leuten sprechen! Ich habe gefunden, dass fast alle total begeistert waren, und gibt es auch viele Leute, die dieses Veranstaltung schon gemacht haben! 

Meine Charakter heisst 'die 80s Tänzerinen' und wir mussten eine Tanz machen, und viele 80 Liede singen, wie 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'. Es macht viel Spass und, obwohl ich nicht ein Tanzer bin, glaube ich das dieses Tanz nicht schlecht war.

Diesen Veranstaltung war ein schönes Gelegenheit für mich und ich hoffe, dass ich in den Zukunft mehr mit MIPP machen können!

Bis zum nächsten Mal!~


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