Sunday, 25 May 2014

Come Dine with Me: the Valentines Special ;)

Who needs a relationship when you have food! 

So we have reached the first ever Come Dine with Me night that my friends and I started, back in February! Just looking over all the lovely photos makes me wish I could go back and eat it all again!!

The night was absolutely wonderful, with so many laughs and jokes (and a strict NO BOYS policy ;)) and we all just had such a great time. There really is no better way to get over those Valentines Blues. 

We kick started the night with some lovely present giving! 

(I ended up with the middle two boxes of chocolate- NO COMPLAINTS HERE ;)) 

And then moved swiftly onto food (via gossip of course). The theme was Italian food, which, let's face it, never goes wrong really :D

Now for the menu. 

Starter- absolutely gorgeous bruschetta with a sprinkle of vegetables and a lovely side of cheese :D 

Main- the absolutely DELIGHTFUL main was Parmesan and aspargus on pasta with a side of salad and a break roll. This meal was simply divine and really easy to do! I stole the recipe myself for a dinner party I hosted a few weeks later (for those of you, who like me love a little meat, bacon goes perfectly in the pasta!) 

Desert- finally into the last dish of the day, but my no means was it the least well done. Chocolate brownies covered in chocolate mousse has got to be my new favourite way of attempting to give myself a heart attack, but I am not even sorry for a second. The rich creamy texture of the chocolate mousse blends so nicely with the slightly chewy brownies that it really did the trick :) 

After that, we did out usual routines of selfie-time 

Before proceeding to watching some lovely rom coms for the rest of the evening :) a perfect Valentines day treat for all of us! 

And that is all for now, so until next time! ;) 

(Isn't it just adorable???)

(Because we're just that cool.) 


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