Friday, 23 May 2014

Travel Diaries: Cork Trip 2014

My Easter Trip to Cork!

(Isn't it just like out of a fairy tale??) 

So this Easter, I went to visit my lovely friend, Rena, as she studies at Cork Uni for the Easter break. Only having time for a quick 3 day trip, it was an absolute blast! With lots of sun and beautiful scenery, our days were spent doing not much revision and an awful lot of walking! 

Without much ado, here we go! 

Day one: 

For the first day of my tour, we used this as an opportunity to get to the know the city a little. With so many churches, we endeavoured to go find them all! As well as all the other architectural beauties!

(Check out those sun ray's ;))

As for graffiti, I was pleasantly surprised to find actual artwork on the side of the walls (not just the scrawling tag-names you find all over London...). It really brightened up the city and emphasised the arty nature of it all!

Other quirky sights- 

(Corks! In Cork!!)

The busking was also absolutely wonderful to see, everyone displaying true talent!! It was a sight to behold!

(great example of brilliant busking!)

Other than that, the rest of the day was spent lounging in LA Bagels (which is officially THE BEST bagel shop I have ever been in!) listening to street performers and ogling the beautiful man in the cafe opposite ;)

Day two: 

As we were utterly exhausted from our first day (six hours solidly we walked!!), we decided to take it slightly easier for our second day. We first decided to look around the university campus, which was simply stunning. I must admit, whilst I adore being part of a city campus with the hustle and bustle of life all around you, having been to Cork Uni with the sun blazing overhead as we walked through the leafy campus, I could definitely see the appeal of a campus university :)

(Looks like Hogwarts!)

(Some 'savvy' photography tricks ;)) 

(This one less 'savvy')

After this, the rest of the day was spent wondering back into town for our favourite bagels before getting a gelato from our favourite eye candy... ;) 

(This was literally one of the best bagels I've ever had!)

(Mine was mint and hazelnut)

The arty city must have influenced me more than I'd realised as the evening was spent doing some casual drawing and watching Game of Thrones :D 

(First time ever using inks!!)

Day Three: 

This was the most casual of them all, just spend shopping and finally, spending the next few hours in the cafe where I experienced, for the first time, a tea that does not leave a weird after taste!!

In conclusion, Cork really is a lovely city and if you're ever looking for the perfect little holiday, I would highly recommend it

Thank you so much again, Rena, for having me! It was an absolute pleasure for me and I really can't wait to see you again soon! 

And that's all for now so catch you again soon!


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