Thursday, 15 May 2014

Mad Hatter's Tea Party~

                We're all mad here ;)

       (MadHatter Costume)

Welcome one and all to the Mad House, courtesy of myself and the patience of my lovely flat mates ;) 

(Home made invites because Facebook Events does not count...)

Recently, to get us through the harsh exam-riddled lives we currently live, my two favourite girlies from my course have been doing a series of nights inspired by the Come Dine with Me tv series. Mine was the last and (finally) hosted last Tuesday and to my delight was a complete success!! 

(Aforementioned Fave Girlies) 

As instructed, everyone came dressed in their cute'n'kookiest clothing, ready to chow down the three humongous meals I had planned for them! (After a good three hours slaving away in the kitchen, might I add!!). And now, as a recap, here is te lovely menu: 

A lovely home made tomato soup, made from scratch! With the help of this lovely recipe by the BBC 

And yes, I served soup out from a teapot. Because. ;)

A lovely recipe from 'Vegetarian Nosh for Students' known as Stuffed Peppers. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any snaps of the main, but rest assured, there was much pepper and, couscous, cheese and cashews :)  


WHY I had never thought of this before is more than entirely beyond me as not only is it simple and quick to make, but it is such a cute way to end the evening! If a bit filling ;)

Other than that, the night was filled with laughter, fun and an awful lot of sing star :D

Aaaaaand I believe that's all for now? So thank you very much for reading and I hope you feel inspired to throw your own Come Dine With Me event!

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