Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Teacup Kitchens Adventure

That time my friend and I tried to find a cafe. And failed miserably. 

The Bonbon Chocolate Boutique was a cafe that I stumbled upon roughly this time last year whilst I was (as usualy) getting lost in the Northern Quarter section of Manchester. On that day, I vowed that I would go back to eat there. 
And then I forgot about it. 

So it wasn't until recently when my friend recommended a strange but beautiful chocolate cafe she has found on Northern Quarter that my interest was rekindled. She gave me a raving review of how beautiful the atmosphere was and great the chocolate tasted, describing the experience in such detail that I was absolutely itching for an excuse to go again myself. 

And that was when my friend called to arrange a catch up. I quickly used this opportunity to suggest the Bonbon Chocolate Boutique, hoping that I would finally get the opportunity to visit this mysterious and somehow all encompassing cafe. 

Well, dear reader, as I am sure you have noticed, this post is not entitled 'the Chocolate Bonbon Cafe' however instead is called 'the Teacup Kitchen'. So it is no stretch of the imagination to predict that we did not, in the end, venture to the magical bonbon cafe.

We did try to find it, googling addresses and post codes, trying to match up the scenery with the one photo I took last year but to no avail. Google took us to one place, google maps suggested somewhere else and their website let us to yet a third location. And after an hour of wondering, we had seen many cafés, but no sign of the Chocolate Bonbon. 

(Outside the teacup kitchen)

Giving up with a heavy heart, we went into the nesrest cafe we could see, and that was when we stumbled into 'The Teacup Kitchen'. 

And this is the point where our luck changed. For the Teacup Kitchen is no mere cafe. It is the mother of all cafe's. With a huge variety of teas, coffees and other assorted hot drinks, the presentation of this coffee house in particularly is wonderful. 

With quirky menus which include a small pull out menu of specials to the little timers that come with most herbal teas, the Teacup Kitchen encompasses all the quirkiness that the Northern Quarter has to offer, along with all the pomp that comes with getting afternoon tea in the first place.

After having spent a good half hour perusing the selection on offer, I eventually decided on the Red Velvet cake, along with Chai Tea. 
One of the better decisions I have made in my life. 

(Don't forget the pinkie!)

The Chai Tea was served with a selection of frothy milk, honey and sugar, ready for you to choose and included free refills of the tea. As for the cake... Well at £4, I was expecting to get a lot, but even my expectations here were more than exceeded! 


I have really never been served a cake that big from a cafe in my life. Well worth the money, it arrived on a nice patterned plate, with a dainty fork (which had a sharp(ish) edge so that it doubled up as a knife!!!) and a whole lot of deliciousness. 

I was simply amazed at the service and quality of everything there was to offer in this cafe, and I have not been able to shut up about it since. Although slightly expensive, the Teacup Kitchens is well worth a visit for anyone who loves tea and/or cake, for the sheer experience alone more than pays for itself. The atmosphere is also welcoming and friendly, which is again something I really appreciate about smaller cafe shops. 

And although I was unable to find the glorious Bonbon Chocolate Boutique, I was not in the least bit disappointed with my latest find. 

Although seeing this sign which refences the BonBon cafe has confirmed to me it's existence and someday, I shall find it again. ;) 

And that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you ever find yourself parched for some tea whilst in the Northern Quarter, definitely check out the Teacup Kitchen! It will be well worth the visit :) 

Until next time! 

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