Sunday, 8 June 2014

Macaroon Time!

Summer = Macaroons

Shortly before finishing exams, my friend, Tasha, decided that another baking day was in order. And I, the keen procrastinator that I am, naturally jumped on this opportunity to run away from revision!

The only problem was that as two of my housemates had already moved out of our house, all the baking equipment had disappeared. Which meant no scales, no whisks, no measuring jugs or anything else you might need to, y'know, bake with!

(Tea party set up!)

So what did we do? We made macaroons Luckily, Tasha had some cute measuring cups which she had brought alone and, after some time perusing Google, found that we could improvise a whisk from two forks. Hard work, yes, but not impossible!

Whilst Tasha did most of the heard work (including all the whisking!), I used my time productively to make the filling. Although churning butter did give my upper arms a nice work out,  it was fairly quick and easy to do given the summer heat. I also used this as an opportunity to experiment with some different flavours and in the end we had chocolate, rose water and vanilla fillings to choose from!

The all we had to do was wait for the macaroons to bake!

And as the weather outside was simply astounding, I thought I would make the most of the opportunity to take photos of the wonderful clothes that Tasha was wearing and just enjoy the sunshine! (Because as you can probably tell, I am very strongly of the opinion that one cannot have too many photos!)


After this, we made our way back quickly into the kitchen just in time to pull out these lovely babies from the oven!

Unfortunately, as we did not have any food colouring, the macaroons were slightly less exciting than they appeared in the shops (and on instagram) however they still tasted pretty darn amazing! :D

(Well, my house mates and I enjoyed them at least ;) )

Overall, my favourite filling was definitely the vanilla, however I feel that this was due to the fact that the vanilla essence was the strongest and therefore stood out the most! It was all delicious though!

Anyway, thank you very much for reading this blog, hope you enjoyed it!

Till next time~


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