Friday, 27 June 2014

CityScape Planning!

I know I've already posted about actually filming the project which really does come after the planning section but hey. What's the fun in doing things in order, right...?

(My Project Book ;) )

As it turns out, planning a film is... hard. Planning a film by yourself? VERY STRESSFUL!
Because aside from writing a script and putting ideas onto a page (which my lovely writer, Rena Freefall, kindly did for me), a hell of a lot of through has to go into the actual making of a film. 

Finding actors is difficult - the fact that my lead actor dropped out in the last week leaving me actorless for a short while almost gave me a heart attack.
Sourcing props is very expensive.
Planning how long filming will take/what shots to use is nigh impossible given that there are a lot of external factors to take into account for an indie film as unlike big budget films, we don't have the luxury of telling the public to get out of the way. Which isn't usually a problem - except I was very determined to have my film take place in the midst of London's biggest and brightest, and therefore busiest spots.

However, all that aside, I loved it. Every stage of it. From telling my idea to a writer, to seeing it written on a page, to finding places to make the story come alive, to facebook stalking all my guy friends to finding a replacement actor. To drawing hilarious stick-men storyboards (which I really wish I had taken a photo of now to show you, because they really were appaaaaaaallingly drawn....) to doing time sheets and prop sheets and costuming. It was... amazing. To be completely in charge of my own project for the first time really was an amazing experience - and even more of a learning curve!

I am not expecting this film to be anything great, or to get anywhere or for anyone even to watch it (outside of myself at least 101 times to over analyse it of course...).
But that's okay. Because that's not what this project was about. 

This project was about me proving to myself that I could direct, produce and film a short film. That I am capable of doing all these things, even if it is going to be an extraordinarily amateur film. But that's okay. Baby steps right? 

All of this being said however, I do intend to make this the very best that I can, because a lot of work went in to it, not just by me, but also by my lovely actors, cameraman, writer and the music guy. 

So. Here's to another Indie Film :)

Until Next Time~