Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Soho's Secret Teashop!

Because I haven't done a cafe blog in about a week a while...?

So this is really just a little side snippet of a much larger post (which is coming soon) where I show some friends around the biggest and best spots of London. 

Now, I've been giving relatives and friends tours of London for years now, yet I still never get bored of it. Those sights definitely aren't just for tourists to enjoy! However, having been a tourist myself, I can definitely say that whilst experiencing all the big spots is a must-do and an absolutely amazing experience, I feel that one of the ways to truly experience a city is by doing a handful of events that only Londoners do. The less traditional sights, the more obscure locations and the quirkier experiences is what truly makes a city. In my opinion anyway.

So, bearing that in mind, as well as the fact that I had only a weekend to show all of London's wonders off, I decided that Soho's Secret Tea Room would be the perfect way to make this experience for my friends that little bit more personal for them. After all, is there anything more quintessentially British than a Victorian styled tea shop with jazz music playing in the background in the middle of Soho?

However even I wasn't expecting the cafe to be as wonderful as it was! Tucked away behind the Palace Theater, above a random pub, you can truly appreciate why it's a 'secret'! 

With an array of delicious cakes and selection of loose leafed tea, we took an hour or so out of our London Tour to just rest our feet and recuperate for a while, with the knowledge that we were part of the few who knew about this wonderful place! 

And for all of those curious as to where it is, click here to be transported to the website :)

And that's it from me today, so I hope you enjoyed reading this and until next time!


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