Monday, 23 June 2014

'CityScape' Filming!

From behind the camera...

[Messing around backstage!]

Acting is a passion of mine, as you might have gleaned from my blog. In fact, creative endeavors in general seem to dominate the majority of my life, whether it be acting, drawing/painting, writing, singing, piano playing and, as of recently, also directing. 

[Roses, in a flask!]

One of the great things about having been part of more experimental theatre companies from a young age with a focus on devised work is that, whilst you develop important acting skills, there are many opportunities to develop one's ideas and experience some directing. 

[On location - can you guess where? ;)]

So last January, I set myself five resolutions. One of which was to make my very own short film, which as of yesterday I have finally managed! (Well kind of... I still have all the post-production to do, which is obviously a massive ordeal!). But for me this has been a great learning curve so far, from all the ordeals of the last post, through all the unexpected problems during filming. However I am really happy with the footage so far and can't wait to start putting it all together. But first... About Filming!

Introducing the Actors:

[Lead Actress: Anoushka Probyn]

[Lead Actor: Thomas Kirby]

The premise of the film is that it is essentially a love chase round London's brightest sights. It will be a short artsy/fashion film which I intend to be only a few minutes long (five at maximum). 

[Best. Steak. Baguettes. Ever. #Camden]

[Food Break!]

[Tea Break]



It was a very fun experience for me and I feel that I have learnt a lot from this! And whilst I found cinematography to be a fun experience, I felt that being behind camera and focusing on footage distracted from my ability to direct. Next time I will definitely find a cameraman/woman to help! Also someone to properly do cinematography as that is definitely not where my talents lie!. I would also bear in mind that sometimes, the general public just get in the way... 

However in whole, I'd say it filming was a success! Now onto postproduction! :D