Sunday, 22 June 2014

Zoo Lates!


London, one of the huge cultural capitals of the world, have recently opened up their museums and exhibitions on certain nights of the week. This is a really great idea as, during the day, museums tend to be overrun with millions of people, all trying to see everything before closing time. Therefore, by opening up on certain nights, I feel that it is the perfect way to experience the wonderful exhibits in a slightly quieter, less crowded environment. 

So, with that in mind, I decided to drag round my wonderfully tolerant Boyf to see the London Zoo at night! Animals and alcohol! What better way is there to spend ones Friday evening? 

As I had been giving some friends a tour of London, I decided to get there via the Baker Street entrance, which gave me the opportunity to walk through Regent's Park. Having visited Regent's Park last year whilst watching 'Pride and Prejudice' at the Open Air Theater, I knew the walk through the peaceful greenery would be a nice way to start off my evening. As a side note, Regent's Park is truly beautiful, especially towards the evening time in summer - a definite 'must-visit' for all those looking for the perfect summer picnic spot!

So given what I had said earlier about the exhibitions being somewhat quieter... Yeah scrap that. The Zoo was absolutely buzzing with people all enjoying the summer sun. 

Firstly we were greeted by these two lovely gentlemen in Safari attire (one of whom started commentating on my picture taking shortly after this...) before we ventured into the....

Reptile House! Unfortunately I did not see the snake which Harry managed to let free in 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', however we did see some very cute snakes, like the one above, as well as a lungfish and some adorable turtles!

After that, we toured the Zoo, seeing gorillas, penguins and, my favourite, the Big Cats. We also got the opportunity to sit for a bit and listen to some free music, just enjoying the summer! All in all, it was a wonderful little expedition and, although I didn't get to see as many animals as I would have liked, I really enjoyed the Zoo Lates and highly recommend it to any animal lovers out there who happen to be in London! 

Well that's it from me today! Until next time!

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