Monday, 19 May 2014

Ready... Get Set... Bake!!

Yet another post where I talk about the amazing food in my life... 

(Tasha with the finished product) 

So, as a little celebration to ourselves for getting through (yet another) exam, my friend and I decided that the only reasonable thing to do would be to bake a cake as a little mid exam treat (it seems like I'm doing an awful lot of that at the moment...)

(Dress for the occasion!)

Today, we decided to be experimental and even a little adventurous by taking on the humongous project that is and Opera Cake. (Recipe can be found on the BBC good food website here!

The total process took us roughly 7 hours, from buying ingredients to downing our unexpected hot chocolate! However all out hard work (and mess...) was very worth it as the cake we made is possibly one of the nicest cakes I have ever encountered! With the help of fourteen eggs and three different styles of filling, it is the fluffiest most delicious sensation for your taste buds! As my friend stated, 'it is an experience' eating that cake! 

We did have to make a few alterations to the recipe however due to lack of supplies. Originally the cake is supposed to be three tiered, and shaped like a large rectangle, however due to only owning two circular cake tins, we found that there was a lot of filling left over! 

We also didn't bother with making a glaze in the end because we already had so much stuff to put on the cake! 

So we used the leftover chocolate and cream to make the best hot chocolate to ever grace this earth (and probably the last I will ever encounter due to the oncoming heart attack I'm due from all the food today!)

Needless to say that if I ever have a free
Eight hours or so to spare, this recipe will definitely be one I shall try again! 

Thank you for reading~


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