Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The May Ball~

Because everyone needs a Cinderella Moment for their life, right?

And this was mine :) The annual May Ball is an event which combines the Computer Science students with Languages and Religion&Theology students to create one hell of a party! 

As you may have already guessed, the theme this year was Midnight Masquerade and, well, with my obsession with dressing up along with pretty masks, I knew I wouldn't be able to risk attending this year! (Also, great food...) :p

For my outfit, I didn't really have a huge amount of time or the money to go out and find the 'perfect dress', so I decided to shove a mishmash of lace and puffy skirts together with a corset. And luckily, having been to Venice the previous year, I already had a mask handy! (see above). The shoes I bought in a huge rush on the day from New Look, and they are possibly the best buy I've done in a while. And just to add a little more 'fancy' to the dress, I added a pair of pattered knee high socks (Primark) over the tights, just for that little extra detail! As for my hair, I initially tried to copy Danaerys Targarean but soon discovered that was a feat too impossible to achieve with my mere mortal hands, so decided to opt for the simple, yet classic 'half up-half down' hairstyle :p

And here it is! drum roll please...

And as I was lucky enough to catch myself a date from the Computer Science department, here we are!

After that, we took the oh so glamorous Magic Bus to our location, the Midland Hotel, an amazing hotel, just off of Deansgate and simply beautiful to be in! We were greeted by a professional photographer!

(My course mates and I!)

We were soon rushed past the actual guests of the Hotel and swiftly into a reception where we were served with some lovely Buck's Fizz whilst we all observed each other's outfits and masks. It was absolutely wonderful to see everyone get all dressed up into beautiful dresses and masks and just to see everyone so happy after our last stressful week of classes!

After this, we were finally led into the main room where we were served a delightful array of food! And yes, this is the point where I post pictures of my food and gush about it. (Food has really become my life - you should see my Instagram!)


Starter- a lovely chicken and mushroom pie 

Main- roasted steak with potatoes, carrots and delicious gravy!

Desert - a wonderful creamy trifle-type thing with some chocolates and tea to wash it down :)

All of this was served against the background of a brilliant live Jazz band, who played hits such as Nat King Cole's 'LO-V-E' and Frank Sinatra's 'Fly me to the Moon', two of my absolute favourite songs ever! The singer was brilliant and had a good sense of humour too! 

The staff had also provided us with some Champagne bubbles, to keep up entertained whilst we were waiting for food. I must admit, I was a little too amused by this and spent the majority of my meal time messing around with the bubbles too! :p

(Not that I was the only one...)

After that, we hit the dance floor where my favourite Kesha's 'Timber' was played a lot, along with the Killer's 'Mr Brightside' and 'the Cha Cha Slide'! So there really was something for everyone! The jazz band came back on for a brief period as well!

(caught on the dance floor!)

The night on whole was a complete success and I found was just such a great way to just get out and relax after such a stressful term! The food and music was all supreme and just relaxing with my friends (and meeting new ones!) was really really fun. 

So I just wanted to say a big thank you to the committee who organised it and hope that everyone else who attended had as much fun as I did! 

Other than that, it's time for me to go, so see you next time!


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