Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Harris and Hoole Gig!

Yes! Finally! Another performance blog! It really has been too long...

So for those of you who know me, you probably also know that I absolutely love singing. For those of you who have lived with me, you probably will have noticed that I sing pretty much all the time. But when Rohan and I started singing together a few years ago, doing acoustic covers of songs we liked, we had no idea that we'd end up actually performing any of the stuff we'd practiced! 

It started last April, when I was, as per usual, to be found catching up with a friend in the lovely cafe, Harris+Hoole, a wonderfully quirky chain of coffee shops which manage to somehow pull off the atmosphere and vibes of an indie cafe, with all the perks of being a chain! (Like the fact that there are a few of these little beauties scattered through London is just something that makes me really happy)

This was the first gig we had ever done, so naturally the pair of us were pretty nervous before we got there (not to mention the fact that I had managed to sing myself hoarse earlier in the day...), however there really was nothing to be worried about! Once we met the manager and got set up next to the open window and art work, the relaxed atmosphere of the cafe really started to sink in and I knew that this would be an amazing and fun experience. 

Our set included a huge mix of songs, some fast, some slow, a lot by Ed Sheeran, and I think that it all went down rather well! Here was the playlist:

  • Gold Rush - Ed Sheeran
  • Titanium - David Guette ft. Sia
  • Fallen from Grace (Fish Face) - Leddra Chapman
  • Cold Coffee - Ed Sheeran
  • Sexy Dizzy - Leddra Chapman
  • The City - Ed Sheeran
  • On Your Side - Rohan (original song)
  • Flaws - Bombay Bicycle Club
  • She Looks So Perfect - 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Fallen (Unreleased Song) - The Lumineers
Although we were originally supposed to be playing for an hour, we didn't have quite enough songs in the first place. That added to the fact that we were both still a little nervous also meant that we rushed through the songs a little and so we only ended up spending about fourty minutes or so singing. 

However the audience were more than complementary, some of whom actually came from the back of the cafe to listen to us sing! 

The manager was also an absolutely amazing host, offering us free beverages for the duration of our stay and even inviting us to go back and perform again in a couple of weeks! How crazy awesome is that??

Needless to say we jumped on that opportunity like our lives depended on it and so will be returning to the Southgate branch of Harris+Hoole for another gig in a few weeks time (28th June, for all those who are interested). Hopefully after a little bit more polishing and learning a few more songs, it'll go just as good, if not better, than this time!

Anyway, a HUGE thank you to everyone at Harris+Hoole, I hope you enjoyed the music as much as we enjoyed performing it and another thank you to everyone who came and supported us. It truly meant a lot to me that you guys could make it and you really made performing that day not only a bazillion times easier, but also just such a wonderful experience.

And that's it for now, so I guess until next time~


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